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This website has been developed and maintained by Sagar Paranjape (ETO, Electronics Engineer, Web Developer, Youtuber, Musician, Youtuber). All this educational content and material presented to you on this website has been painstakingly curated by Sagar with the hope of developing a sense of clear understanding of all the crucial topics in Marine Electrotechnology.

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We can proudly say that Learn Merchant Ship is one of its kind website which offers unparalleled educational content for Marine Electrotechnology. We make sure that relevant educational content is added on to the website daily so you can visit our website everyday and upgrade your insight for Marine Electrotechnology.

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What make us special ?


To be the leading online resource for mastering marine electrotechnology, empowering maritime professionals worldwide to excel in their careers and ensure safe, efficient ship operations.


► Provide comprehensive, accessible, and engaging online courses that cover all facets of marine electrotechnology.
► Offer a wealth of resources, including guides, articles, and community forums, to support continuous learning and professional development in marine electrotechnology.
► Equip aspiring Electrotechnical Officers (ETOs) and marine engineers with the knowledge and skills in marine electrotechnology needed to succeed in their COC exams and beyond.
► Foster a vibrant community of maritime professionals who share a passion for marine electrotechnology and are committed to advancing the industry.


► Excellence: We strive for the highest standards in our marine electrotechnology course content, delivery, and student support.
► Innovation: We embrace new technologies and teaching methods to enhance the marine electrotechnology learning experience.
► Accessibility: We make our marine electrotechnology resources affordable and available to learners worldwide.
► Community: We foster a supportive and collaborative environment for students and professionals to connect and learn about marine electrotechnology together.
► Safety: We prioritize electrical safety education in the context of marine electrotechnology to promote the well-being of maritime professionals and protect valuable assets.

About Sagar Paranjape: Bridging Technology, Teaching, and the Seas

Meet Sagar Paranjape, the visionary behind learnmerchantship.com. With an Electronics Engineering degree and certification as an Electrotechnical Officer, Sagar’s expertise in marine electrotechnology is matched only by his passion for education. Having served as an Assistant Electrotechnical Officer for the past two years, Sagar has firsthand experience with the challenges and rewards of this dynamic field. His desire to share knowledge and empower fellow maritime professionals inspired him to create this comprehensive resource. But Sagar’s talents extend far beyond the engine room. He’s a skilled web developer, utilizing his free time to create engaging online experiences. His artistic pursuits include playing guitar, photography, and video editing, showcasing his creativity and diverse skill set. Sagar’s unique blend of technical knowledge, teaching passion, and creative flair sets learnmerchantship.com apart. His dedication to providing high-quality, accessible education ensures that aspiring ETOs, marine engineers, and maritime enthusiasts have the tools they need to thrive in the world of marine electrotechnology.